The right minds in the room for just the right time.

A company’s executive leadership is its team of experts. They define and execute the vision of the company, each with a single, focused area of expertise: Executive direction, Technology, Finance, Marketing, Product, People, and so on. And it makes sense to have certain offices filled by dedicated in-house hires, available all-hours.

But in many areas, like Product, Marketing, Route-to-Market, and Sales, strategic effort is much more focused than ongoing execution. It’s about being in the right place at the right time with the needed experience and ideas, and then about the ability to create and drive teams.

This is ronin.


where do ronin come from?

why what how when

While there are strong tech backgrounds within ronin for all types of world-changing hardware and software, we’ve also helped companies in cloud services (XaaS), licensable inventions and techniques, consumer goods and services, education and learning, non-profits, fitness brands, and more.

The best way to find out if ronin can help is to ask.

As for size and stage, it might work to think about company growth as having two major types. Let’s call the first scaling. Scaling turns up the volume on known or estimable capabilities. It’s neither simple nor straightforward, but this is precisely the activity at which your in-house officers should excel.

When ronin has the most impact is the other kind of growth: expansion. This is when you're reaching into something completely new. A product, line, process, or market that is outside your typical comfort zone.

ronin can turn these growth moments exponential.



people who’ve done amazing things

Product, Marketing, Information Design, Public Relations, B2B and B2B2C sales, as well as route-to-market experts in Automotive, Medical, Marine Tech, Consumer Goods and Services, and more.

for companies you’ve
heard of

They come from companies like Apple, Google, Amazon, Meta, Roku, JLR, Automotive OEMs and Tier 1s, Johnson and Johnson, journalists, analysts, and several more we can’t talk about here.

that you can’t simply (or simply can’t) hire

Even disregarding the expense concerns, we have ronin who are not even on the hiring market. Whether they have retired at the top of their game and want to help out, or others who still have (non-conflicting) commitments elsewhere, the structure of ronin means we can get them in a room with you.



Connect with ronin

Our collection of ronin, companies, and connections has expanded and matured over the last year, covering new disciplines, product areas, and markets. That has changed the game of what we offer.

Our ability to define world-class strategy, develop execution teams, and leverage expertise from adjacent fields is a new way to look at leadership. We believe this kind of flexibility could not have found a more receptive market, full of companies seeking a better path to success.

Seek yours now.